Would you invest in green energy industry using blockchain and cryptocurrency?

green energy

Green energy usage is just shamefully vague. Only 20 percent of all energy produced Worldwide is green. Majority of the World leaders admit that to stop climate change, we should focus on renewable energy in the first place. Their talks are loud and motivating only in climate change conferences, but it will take decades to get rid of traditional ways of power production on the national level. Why? Green energy production is done by small and medium-sized companies or even individuals who have small and even tiny plants. Local laws entitle grid networks to buy the green energy, but the amount of it is small enough to satisfy the needs.

How can this situation be changed? The only way is using the blockchain technologies and investing in green energy using cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. Such platform is being built right now and called WePower.

What is really happening in the green energy market?

The green energy market has got three types of participants:

Energy producers – small and medium power producers who produce and sell their energy to local power operators using local grid networks.

Energy buyers – households and companies who buy the electricity from state or private power producers.

Green energy investors – companies and individuals who invest in energy producers and green energy marketing with the goal to earn from their investments over a certain period.

Now energy producers produce little amounts of green energy at a higher price than “not green” energy producers. This makes the green energy not so attractive for buyers. The consumption is quite low, so the price is not very competitive. The investors observe this closed circle with distrust as their possible profit may not be worth the investment to this market.

If there is an encouragement to invest in green energy, the circle can be broken – producers will produce more as they can get more money for the development. The usage would be more active if the buying procedures can be simplified. The green energy will boom and we still can make a significant impact on climate change.

How green energy investment works?

Green energy always required big investments. If you have spare 100 000 dollars or euros, you can consider investing in some local green energy projects. If you have 1000 euros, well, let’s be frank, you cannot invest such amount in any business except your own startup. Till now.

Blockchain technology has changed the situation and the face of investment. Using the blockchain based platforms, you can invest in various businesses including green energy.

WePower is one of such platforms. It allows buying the tokens which equal to 1 kWh. The investor buys the tokens which are associated with the energy to be produced in future for the specific price. The producer gets his money for the development, he produces the “prepaid” energy and sells it to the users. Once it is sold and used, the investor receives the special CO2 token which identifies, how CO2 emission was decreased. It can be traded when the prices are right.

Investors can become the users of energy as well. They buy a certain number of tokens which stand for real kWh, officially they own a certain amount of power. It can be used if the investor is from the same country. However, it is possible to invest in other countries’ green energy projects.


Investors can buy the tokens directly from WePower. Smart contract technology enables the easy and fast paperwork, so no additional lawyers and third parties are involved.

The investment is made just in few minutes as payments are done using Ethereum cryptocurrency.

The tokens can be traded in few clicks and minutes as well.

Everything is transparent, fast and secure – the main benefits of the blockchain technology.

According to Nikolaj Martyniuk, the CEO & co-founder of WePower, 17 percent of annual profit is predicted.

At present time WePower platform is on its way to the investor community. The development of such powerful platform requires some additional resources, therefore the possibility to participate in ICO will be available soon.


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