Porn Addiction

This is probably the last place you would expect to read about pornography addiction, and before you ask, NO, I am not an addict. I’m bringing this subject up because I have a young son and I’m becoming increasingly aware of the technological world that he will be stepping into.

In the last decade or so the first generation of ambi-dexterous masturbators were formed thank to internet porn. The attitude has always been that porn poses no adverse side effects, as long as you’re not bothered by the morality of it, and I must admit I have a pretty relaxed attitude about it as well – however, what I discovered recently is that many young men today are experiencing erectile dysfunction because of watching porn!

It actually changes the brain chemistry because of the onslaught of dopamine that’s released, and we’re now getting tens of thousands of cases come to light of young men, some as young as 16, that are struggling with extreme ED.

A friend of mine has a teenage son who recently confessed to such a problem, and she filled me in on all of the details. Suffice to say I was stunned.

I heard about how high relapse rates are and how difficult for him it is to recover. He was actually experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Fortunately they found Stop The Easy Way by Sexual Reboot ( I had a look through a copy to gain a greater understanding, and I seriously recommend that all parents of boys (and girls – but it’s not known if they suffer with similar effects) get a copy and get clued up on the matter.



Sound Therapy

hey guys!

Have you ever heard of Sound Therapy before?

If not today is your lucky day as I attended my first session last night!

Sound therapy is all about using the sound waves/frequencies to induce trance-like states in the human mind. Think of it like this, our brains all function on wave lengths and frequencies, and this can be influenced by outside sources – and so sound therapy is a conscious effort to influence and induce healing states of mind.

I really enjoyed my first session and recommend you go to one, too. If you already have let me know in the comments.

If you need a recommendation, try and see Jenny over at Perfect Sound World. She runs Sound Therapy in Bournemouth, and it’s worth the trip if you’re local.



Christmas is Coming!!

Have you got that Christmas feeling yet? I know I have!

I’ve just started my Christmas shopping and I found something very cool on reddit:

It has two search tools; one for Amazon and one for Ebay and in the reddit post above the user shows two examples using each, and I’ve gotta say the tool is great!

Personally, I feel the Amazon search tool has a higher chance for you finding a great deal, but I did find 1 huge bargain on ebay using it too. The site that I’m talking about it:

Try it out and let me know in the comments if you find anything good!


I’m not going to talk about debt anymore… after this

Ok, so it’s just been one thing after another. The debts have been slowly building up and I’ve become very good at completely ignoring them. But it becomes more and more difficult to ignore them when the creditors are phoning you at work(!) and sending red letters all the time.

So I’ve been browsing some forums and a really good one is at Really busy, loads of advice and has given me some great ideas. mainly, there’s something called the envelope system, where you have envelopes for different things like food, rent, entertainment, and each month you allocate a certain amount for each thing, and on your word of honor you promise yourself that you will not take money from the rent envelope to put towards entertainment, or something from the entertainment envelope towards food. You stay strict, but it’s so much easier to see how you spend your money, and most importantly it’s actually helping me save money!!

The Wallet Doctor does have some debt management services as well, but I don’t think I need to go down that route yet. But anyway, things are looking up. Thanks for all your emails everyone. I will have the website completely revamped soon with loads new features. You’re gonna be surprised for sure!


Bye for now!



Check your credit score!

I recently checked my credit report for my hometown address in Manchester and found a company called Sigma red Ltd had added a default for a debt I don’t even owe!

I tried speaking to them but didn’t get anywhere. I had to file a complaint to experian and get them to contact the company to even get a response, which was that I need to prove that I don’t owe the debt.


How can I prove I don’t owe something?!


Gah!! Absolute idiots. This has annoyed me so much. Anyone know how to deal with getting a default removed?



New Zealand

Well, I went to visit my Uncle in new Zealand. he’s originally from the UK.

Time have been hard for him and he had to file for bankruptcy from New Zealand, but fortunately he was able to get it all sorted without returning home!

I’m working as a personal trainer now, and recently got my personal trainer web design all sorted out by PTNet. It looks great!

I will be posting again really soon as there are some recent developments in my life, but for now – speak soon! x



August is here

OK, so you’re wondering how the personal training course is going? All good, although the marketing help leaves a lot to be desired.

My friend Blaquin opened up his new restaurant recently. Had a website designed by these guys. Looks really nice. They specialise in restaurant website design. Get this, it was free, too! Very cool. So a big shout out to

And you might remember I spoke about Abe filing for bankruptcy? Well, the skinny on that is he’s filing for bankruptcy from Australia, and it won’t even effect his credit file over there!


I’ll make a proper post real soon.

Fitness Fanatic

So it’s been a long time since this site was active. my name is also Dores and I took over this site when it ran out.

I really got into my health and fitness in the last few months, and everyone loves my enthusiasm and motviational skills ;)


So after some nudging I decided I would look into actually getting qualified. It’s much easier than you would imagine, but probably a lot more expensive than you would imagine, too!!

You’re looking at spending a few thousand pounds just to get the Level 2 and Level 3 qualification. The good news is that the industry is crying out for more women, as it’s male dominated, and not every woman (or most of them) actually want a male PT. So in terms of employment prospects it is really good. The avergae earning is about £30 per hour, which is great!

So really, the course is an investment in you’re future, and in my case I think the odds are stacked in my favour, so I will be pursuing it.

I’ve been looking around for courses and got some information from this site, and speficially the part on courses. They don’t actually arrange the course, but they gave me enough information to know where to go from there.


I’ll keep you posted on how this all goes very soon!

Triscuit Home Farming Movement

I’m not much of a gardener. It’s not keeping things alive that is my problem, but rather taking out the time to plant. That’s why I was so excited to hear of the Triscuit Home Farming movement.
Triscuit, along with the non-profit organization Urban Farming, has found a way to help provide families everywhere with the opportunity and knowledge to grow their own food. Triscuit is putting plantable herb seed cards in 4 million boxes of Tricuit crackers to be grown in homes all around the country!
I received a basil seed card in my box of Triscuits. There were easy to follow instructions that made planting the seeds so simple that even I was able to do it without a problem!!

Not only are they encouraging Americans to home farmwith the awesome seed cards, but Triscuit and Urban Farming are also planning to create 50 community-based home farms across the country this year to connect communities through the act of growing food together.

To find out more about The Home Farming movement and see what you can do to get involved, visit Here you can join discussions with other people getting involved and you can even put your own farm on the cool interactive map on the site.


Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Triscuit and received the product nessecary to facilitate my candid review. In addition, I received a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate. All the opinions expressed in the above review are my own and were not influenced by outside sources.

A Broken Promise and Exciting News (balancing out the bad with the good) ;)

Apparently I broke my promise to all of my fabulous readers (that’s you!!) when I said I would be posting more often. I know one of the worst things you can read on a blog is the lame writer (that’s me!) apologizing for not updating lately, so I won’t do that.
What I will do instead though is toot my own horn and say…
I am officially a baccalaureate degree holding college grad!!
It was a LONG time in the making and at times I thought it would never happen, but alas it did!! I’ve actually been a college grad for over a month now, but since I haven’t been updating (shhh) the news is just hitting the headlines today.
I will start working my new J-O-B on Monday and will then be off on Tuesday because Brayden is having his tonsils out. I think I could get used to a schedule where I work one day and I’m off the next. I don’t think I will be that lucky though :(
I would love to be able to tell ya’ll I have big things planned for Dore’s Diaries in the near future, but unfortunately I don’t. I will say that I am putting my thinking cap on and will come up with something to reward those of you who have stuck around even with my long absences.

I will leave you with some pics from my big day and I’ll be back soon… I promise.


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